Swimsuit Coverups Turning Heads

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Swimsuit Coverups Turning Heads

If you are a lover of beach life, you love pool parties, water sports, vacationing in the tropics or warm climates, then you are a lover of swimwear and resort type attire, how else are you going to stay cool and look fabulous in 96° weather? 

Whether you like Brazilian cut bikinis, one piece swimsuits, monokinis , swim shorts, it doesn't matter, an excellent swimsuit cover-up is a must to complete your wardrobe for that pool party/beach barbecue. 

I am noticing designs that resemble dresses that can be worn even for a quick trip to the convenient store. Beautiful colors, amazing textures, you can select designs that are sheer, or more concealing, colorful or solid colors, smooth or knitted textures, jewelry, pendants and all sorts of decorative attributes make for a very exciting season.

Luckily we have a modest but growing selection of swimwear cover-ups, we are adding companies almost every other week. So stay in touch, or better yet, sign up and we will keep you up-to-date whenever new designs, or special offers are available.

Summer is here, and we couldn't be more excited, to try out all of our new bikinis, cover-ups, and accessories. As we grow our collection, we look forward to your input, let us know which brand you like, what types of designs do you find most appealing, welcome your comments and criticisms. Thank you so much for visiting our page and check out our collections, don't be a stranger see you by the water! <3

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